Peter Bourne is a recent graduate of Royal Holloway University. Studying music, he specialised in composition and analysis in his final year. Growing up in Gateshead, he became interested in writing music at the age of 14. As he got older, he began writing music for film and TV projects for students at the University of Westminster, including the short films The Sheriff of Galway Bay and The Graveyard Shift. Throughout his time at university, Peter’s versatility as a composer grew. Always looking for new compositional ideas, he has explored experimental piano techniques with his piece Harold and the Giants, procedurally generated lyrics with his piece A Train Can Weep, and has written hybrid electronic-live trombone music. His music has been workshopped by the Tippett Quartet, as well as members of the CHROMA ensemble. He has worked closely with the Choir of Royal Holloway University, who premiered his piece The Battle or Roveredo after he was selected to compose for the university’s Picture Gallery Composer-in-Residence scheme. His piece Tic Toc Clocks also received a premiere at Royal Holloway, by their award-winning As-of-Yet-Unnamed Wind Quintet. Peter has a passion for new music and plans to continue to write and study music.


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