Giannis Koudounas is an award-winning classical - contemporary trumpet player who is rapidly establishing himself as one of the most talented performers and educators in London. He has recently completed his trumpet performance studies at the Royal Holloway University of London being awarded the Alice Daugherty Chaplin Prize for Excellence in Performance as the most outstanding final-year solo recital. He also received the Principal's scholarship for continuing his postgraduate studies at the RHUL on Advance Musical Studies with focus on trumpet performance. Following years of experience performing on stages alongside various well-known musicians and artists, as well as recording alongside well-established orchestras, Giannis has been making a name for himself in the music scene both in the UK and Cyprus.


Giannis began showing his love for music at a very young age where he started playing the guitar and the trumpet while perfecting his technical abilities and unique sound. He gradually unfolded his talent and interest in commercial composition with technology and composing for the screen. Some of his most notable accomplishments include recording at the Abbey Road Studios with the Earth Orchestra, participation with the West End Orchestra for The Sound of Music West End tour in Cyprus, participation as a soloist with the M.Y. Philarmonic Band to various international festivals and many more. Moreover, in 2020 Giannis was invited by the famous Brazilian trumpeter Gileno Santana to perform alongside him and his band at Vortex Jazz Club in London.

Over the years, Giannis Koudounas was fortunate enough to be taught by some of the best trumpet players in the world and the UK such as Paul Archibald, Mike Lovatt and Simon Munday and even collaborate with some of them for recent online projects. Additionally, he worked with well-known and experienced conductors such as Rebecca Miller, Freddie Tapner and Brady Mould. 

Giannis' latest project is revolved around the expansion of the international trumpet repertoire, and it is called "The Bell Project". Over the next few months, Giannis is planning on commissioning various composers and emerging artists from different backgrounds who will compose pieces for the trumpet. Giannis will launch the UK and world premier in his final Master's recital at the Royal Holloway University of London in September 2021 following up with individual recordings and distribution.

Giannis is currently using the Schagerl Ganschhorn Heavy and the Flugelhorn James Morrisson. He also uses the Trumpet mouthpiece AR Resonance cup: 1 1/2 D, Backboar 40m and the Flugelhorn mouthpiece Breslmair rim: 112 cup: F5A. 

Giannis is                          Envirocare, Nook Handmade Products and Chrysis Creations.