Stelios Pisis was born in 1976 in Limassol, Cyprus.
From the age of five, he showed his inclination and talent in music and started self-taught to play the piano. Around the same time, doctors diagnosed him as suffering from severe muscular dystrophy. 
At ten years old, he could no longer walk and started using a wheelchair. He completed high school courses with homeschooling. He received his musical education from teachers at home and with personal, self-taught knowledge. 

Since 1990, he has been writing music and songs with the help of technology.
His state of health, gradually deteriorating, has been keeping him for twenty years motionless in bed, and the last twelve years with a tracheostomy and ventilator.
He composes and orchestrates his music tracks on the computer, using a touch mouse, with the minimum movement he has on a finger of his right hand. Also, a sensor allows him to work with the movement of his eyes.


Many honorary events were organised for Stelios by schools, associations, municipalities and other institutions both in Cyprus and Greece. 
For his musical compositions, he was awarded repeatedly in Cyprus, Greece and abroad.
The highest distinction was awarded to him in 2009 by the PRS (Performing Rights Society-International Copyright Organization) for his contribution to music and culture. Stelios is the only Cypriot who has been awarded this distinction since 1931 when Cyprus became a member of the PRS.


He collaborated with famous artists and world-famous symphony orchestras while the award-winning documentary "Stelios-Transcendence", by Kostas Cacoyannis and Pampos Kouzalis, a short film about his life and work, is being appeared at schools in Cyprus, Greece and many other countries of the world.
He released five personal albums and performed a series of concerts. All proceeds from his albums and concerts are donated to charity.


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